Int. Program for Development Evaluation Training

Participant Profile, 2001 – 2015

Each year IPDET brings together a diverse network of professionals from a wide range of countries. Each participant brings with them their own unique experiences and a willingness to learn and grow from the new experiences that IPDET has to offer.

Participants: IPDET attracts between 200 - 250 participants on an annual basis.
Participants gender
Participants’ Gender: Over the last number of years, gender distribution at IPDET has had an almost perfect 50:50 split.
Participants’ Age
Participants’ Age: The majority of IPDET participants have historically been between the ages of 30 and 49. This is reflective of the IPDET’s objective of meeting the professional development needs of senior and mid-level evaluation and audit professionals.
Age distribution, IPDET 2015.
Education Level
Education Level: The academic nature of the IPDET program requires that participants are able to understand instructional materials targeted to a graduate level. For this reason, individuals with a Master’s degree or higher are typical of the participant pool. However, participants with lower levels of education are also admitted, particularly when their work experience is highly relevant.
Highest education level
Highest education level, IPDET 2015.
Regional Diversity
Regional Diversity: Since the program's inception in 2001, IPDET has been characterized by a high degree of regional diversity. The majority of students attend IPDET from Africa and the Americas.
Participants by Region
Participants by Region, IPDET 2015.
Organization Type
Organization Type: IPDET participants represent many different types of organizations including: governmental, non-governmental, private enterprise, United Nations and the World Bank.