Int. Program for Development Evaluation Training

Program Information

IPDET 2019 is a three-week program designed to meet the professional development needs of senior and mid-level evaluation and audit professionals working in developed and developing country governments, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, or non-governmental organizations.

How can participants benefit from the program?

  • IPDET is an effective, successful program with the unparalleled ability to build foundational knowledge and skill in development evaluation.
  • Participants experience a high degree of knowledge transfer about monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
  • IPDET helps build local evaluation capacity and demand for development evaluation.

Participants can attend any combination of weeks in the program or individual workshops:

  • Core course only (week 1, July 15 – 19)
  • Core Course and one week workshops (week 1&2, July 15 – 25)
  • Two workshop weeks (week 2&3, July 21 – August 2)
  • Entire three-week program (July 15 – August 2)
  • Individual workshops (2 or 3 days in week 2&3)

Participants may also choose between tuition-only fees or the residential option, which includes tuition, accommodations, and meals.