Int. Program for Development Evaluation Training

Program 2019

In 2019 the program will be conducted in 3 weeks. First week Core Course (July 15-19, 2019), followed by two weeks of workshops (July 22-August 02, 2019).

To further improve the program, we considered participants feedback, the results of the course and workshop assessments, and input from various stakeholders and experts. We came up with the following main objectives for improvement: further integration of south perspectives, a more diversified faculty, latest developments in the field, and approaching different target groups on different levels.


The following overview shows what you can expect from IPDET 2.0 in 2019:

  1. One week core course on fundamentals level to give an overview on evaluation. This is an introductory course, and will not go in-depth in given topics.
  2. Two weeks of workshops with two strands for different target groups: 1) Core course consolidation workshops on the fundamentals level to deepen those contents further, and 2) Advanced workshops on specific topics
  3. Core course as well as workshops will be taught by global experts from different regions of the world
  4. Specific didactics and group work will consider how to integrate different perspectives and value the wide variety of participant experiences
  5. Half a day on two Wednesdays: Open space where the participants can engage with each other on specific topics of their interest and can share their experiences and expertise and/or excursions to some organizations in Bern and Geneva to get to know different evaluation systems
  6. Keynote speeches on graduation nights


Target groups: evaluators, commissioners, policy makers, parliamentarians > from NGOs, Ministries/Public Administration Institutions, bi- and multilateral development partners, Think Tanks, Universities, consultants etc. from all over the world, especially from developing countries;

Please be aware, that this year the core course as well as the consolidation workshops will be on the fundamentals level, all other workshops are more on advanced level, with requirements that vary from workshop to workshop. We will publish the description of the core course and workshops mid of February. The instructors will define very clearly what the preconditions for participating in the respective workshop are and on what level with which objectives they intend to implement the workshop!

Application for participation will be open end of February. Thanks to our sponsors we will be able to finance a limited number of partial scholarships. Information regarding scholarship requirements and criteria for selection will be available soon on this website.